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Facebook Messenger Logo
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Facebook Messenger Logo

Facebook Messenger Logo Logo Icon Download svg

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The logo of Facebook Messenger is an instantly recognizable design, representing and representing the popular messaging app of the same name. Developed by Facebook, Inc. in 2011, Facebook Messenger is an online messaging platform that allows users to send and receive messages from friends and family.

The design of the logo is simple and minimalistic, consisting of a blue and white chat bubble. The blue shape is easily distinguishable, with its round shape, bold lines, and solid white fill. This chat bubble is commonly associated with communication, making it the perfect choice for the messaging platform.

The simple colour palette of the logo adds to its minimalist aesthetic as the main focus remains on the prominent chat bubble. It also draws attention to the title ‘Messenger’, which is written in bold black text underneath the bubble.

Since its creation, the design of the Facebook Messenger logo has remained unchanged. Even though the application has been heavily updated and improved throughout the years, their iconic logo has remained the same. Its simplistic design reflects the simplicity and convenience of the application, making it an ideal logo for user recognition and branding.

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