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شعار طيران السعودية الجديد Logo download Png SVG

شعار طيران السعودية الجديد
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شعار طيران السعودية الجديد

شعار طيران السعودية الجديد Logo Icon Download svg

شعار طيران السعودية الجديد Logo vector,شعار طيران السعودية الجديد icon Download as SVG ,transparent, png , psd , pdf Ai ,vector free.

The new Saudi Arabian Airlines logo is a vibrant and modern design featuring the namesake airline’s signature green and yellow color scheme. The logo includes a rounded yellow rectangle with an image of a bald eagle—a symbol of national pride—in the center. The bird appears in flight, wings spread wide and head held high, reflecting the pride and strength of the airline. Within the eagle, the words “Saudi Arabian Airlines” are written in a modern design, completed with an intricate black and white border.

The image of the bald eagle symbolizes the strength and power of the airline, while the yellow and green colors emphasize its Arabic identity. The logo combines traditional and modern elements, representing the progressiveness and confidence of the airline.

The logo for Saudi Arabian Airlines has been in existence since 1972 when the airline was first founded. It has undergone several rebrandings over the years, resulting in the current version, which has become an instantly recognizable symbol of the Saudi airline. The modern aesthetic ensure the company remains recognizable and reflects their growth on the global stage.

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